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Start date: 2022 r. / End date: 2023 r.

Projekt: We are building another school in Ghana!

Start date: 2020 r. / End date: 2021 r.


Ever since completion of the project in Nankando we knew about another village in the same district, where the school is also needed. The village is called Ntordo and the story of the local school is not the happiest one. Some time ago it was possible to put up and open a school but unfortunately the building did not survive the bad weather. The building was seriously damaged during the windstorm and was unserviceable. 

Students at the moment are learning in a makeshift made out of roof sheet, we can only imagine what are the temperatures inside and how hard it is out there to focus on a lesson. 


Thereupon we are coming with a very positive news: AWRA Foundation has singed an agreement with Salesians of Don Bosco in Northern Africa Province to finance rebuilding of the school in Ntordo. 


Soon we will share more details and updates from this project. 

Projekt: News from Ghana

Start date: 2020 r. / End date: 2020 r.


News from Ghana and AWRA Foundation


14 October 2021 r.

25 May 2020 r.

AWRA Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization

On Africa Day we are filled with joy to announce that since May 14th 2020 AWRA Foundation has been a Public Benefit Organization. It is connected, among the other things, with the possibility of transferring 1% of income tax to the statutory activity of the Foundation. 

26 April 2020 r.

Pandemic in Africa

By the reason of the epidemiological situation around the world and coronavirus spreading in Africa, Salesians are visiting villages in Ghana providing cleaning supplies and briefing residents about how to avoid an infection. We have received photos from a visit in the village of Ntordo (near Nankando), where school is also needed - the pictures show the remains of the previous building damaged by a windstorm and a makeshift school made out of roofing sheet. 

Projekt: The Children for Children project

Start date: 2018 r. / End date: 2019 r.


The Children for Children project was created to sensibilize  people to critical conditions of living in northern Ghana. 


The main idea of the project is to sensibilize and creating awareness in Polish children that they also can help Ghanian children as well as encouraging people of good will to support AWRA Foundation. 


We have decided to show to children from the local community (commune and the town of Odolanów), that their involvement can translate into financial benefits for the residents of Nankando. 

The first prat of the Children for Children project was to announce an art contest within local primary schools. In this event students from grade 1 to grade 6 were supposed to handcraft a Christmas card. 

To ensure the ’helpers’ that they are in real terms supporting the construction of the school, AWRA GROUP company has made a commitment to donate €1 for every submitted entry. This way all of the participants can show off that they . . . ’have their own piece of the roof’ on the school in Africa. 

In addition children have donated their crafts to the AWRA GROUP company. This way the first part of the project was finished. 


The second part of the project started with sending out all of the Christmas cards to people/companies business related to AWRA GROUP. 


To the envelopes we have attached info about the project, involvement of the local students community as well as possibility of financial supporting of AWRA Foundation. And this way the second part of the project ended. 


Only our expectations are the third part of this project… We are awaiting support to the foundation from people of good will, to whom we have send crafts made by children. 

Projekt: We are building a school in Ghana

Start date: 2017 r. / End date: 2019 r.


To achieve our goals, we have established cooperation with the Order of the Salesians who are fulfilling their mission in Ghana.

The Order has the biggest experience in educational work. We already have a specific location in the north of the country, where we want to build the first educational facility. The village is called Tatale and lies just off the border with Togo approx. 500 km north of the Atlantic Ocean. The building is to be a school block serving primary education. It will help to improve the huge shortage of infrastructure for public education and will allow children from the very poor, underdeveloped villages of the Tatale district to gain eductation. The project is expected to cover around 180 students during the school year. We believe that after the project is completed, more children will have access to basic education, and after its completion they will be better prepared to continue learning, to acquire a profession and to take on new life challenges. Being aware of the enormity of the needs of the local community, we are dreaming about plans for further undertakings. We have a deep conviction that we will be able to implement many needed and useful projects.


10 December 2020 r.

26 June 2020 r.

Inauguration of the school in Nankando

Even though it has been seven months since the opening of the school in Nankando, this beautiful day is still very vibrant in our minds. And it looked a little bit like this:

27 May 2020 r.

Support from the PARTNER PAPES company

After a journey of a few months in Tema, Ghana arrived school supplies financed by PARTNER PAPES company from Wrocław. Now the only thing left is to transport it north, for the students in Nankando to use. Perfectly in time for the Children’s Day. 

10 December 2019 r.

Inauguration and blessing of the school in Nankando

   On 10th of December 2019 after almost two years since signing the agreement with Salesians of Don Bosco - West Africa Province, according to which AWRA Foundation has committed to financing a construction of a primary school in village of Nankando in Ghana - the representatives of AWRA Foundation and board od AWRA GROUP have attended inauguration and blessing of the school. 
   Almost whole local community attended the celebration, as well as representatives of local authorities and of course students of this school. 
   Bishop of Yendi diocese - Vincent Sowah Boi-Nai has blessed and officially opened the school. After speeches and acknowledgements local community has presented a show of traditional dances, other that there was an exchange of gifts and souvenirs. By the end our representation has met the chief and the elders of the village, next they went on a short walk around the village, visiting one of households. The locals did’t go home right after the celebration but gathered together and celebrated even more.  
    We would like to once again say thank you to all of the AWRA Foundation donors, who supported this project. 
   Salesians are emphasizing that this is the first fully Polish project accomplished in Ghana with their help. Father Krzysztof - the main economist of the province - is fully convinced, that initiative of the construction of the school is an effect of Divine providence. 
    This visit has helped members of the AWRA Foundation realize on the spot how peripheral places in Africa need our help.

                                                                           Ostrów Wielkopolski, December 10th 2019 


”It is never the case that man, doing good to others is just a benefactor himself. He is also endowed with what the other receives with love.”

                                                                                                                 - Pope John Paul II



To put it simply: God teaches us to share what we have, with neighbours, who are more needy than ourselves. While giving to fellow human beings we receive from them what they receive with love at the same time. Or even simpler: we are delighted in both receiving and giving. 

Owners of the AWRA enterprise and their families who are founders of the AWRA Foundation made the decision in 2017 to build a school in Ghana of three reasons connected to each other:


  1. They sell here a part of their production and earn part of their profits,
  2. As Christians they felt obligation to share part of their income with citizens of Ghana,
  3. They believed that the most effective and prospective form of help is investing in teaching and good upbringing of children and youth. 


Founders follow the ideas and values of Don Bosco and Salesians of Don Bosco, who have a big experience in educational and didactic work in missionary countries. Our countryman who works in Ghana father Krzysztof Niźniak suggested us Nankando in northern Ghana as the place where school is the most needed. I would like to give a special, heartfelt thank you for your involvement and coordinating all activities, beginning with the design, through the stages of construction up to the end result - finished school. 

On behalf of members of AWRA Foundation I would like to say that we do not expect acknowledgement for building this school, it is not our merit that we were born in Poland, in Europe, where people live more prosperous lives than in Africa. We thank you - the residents of Nankando that you have accepted this help. 

However this beautiful building would not exist if not for the Chief of your village who donated land for its construction, if not for the effort and involvement of you - residents of Nankando, if not for the work of architects, site manager, craftsmen of different construction fields and all people of good will who were engaged in this project who are impossible to mention here. 

With all our hearts we wish for this school to serve you in the best possible way for as long as it is possible. 

God bless you!

Anna Golińska-Szymkowiak

25 October 2019 r.

Establishing cooperation with PARTNER PAPES company from Wrocław

On 25th of October 2019 a donation agreement was signed between PARTNER PAPES company from Wrocław and AWRA Foundation. The PARTNER PAPES company committed to donating to AWRA Foundation 7.000 pln towards buying office and school supplies for the school in Ghana. Those supplies have already been bought in an amount of two load boards. Right now they are on their way to Ghana in a container with the equipment from The Netherlands. 

PARTNER PAPES company has assured us that the company will still be committed to draw new donors to help AWRA Foundation fulfill its goals in Africa. 

20 September 2019 r.

School in Nankando will be equipped thanks to donors from The Netherlands

With everyone, who is following on AWRA Foundation website the progres of the construction of the school in Nankando we would like to share really good news. We managed to include donors from the Netherlands in the implementation of our idea. In June of this year the owner of the Wegdam company - mr Brian Wegdam, with whom the owners of the AWRA company have a very good business and friendly relations. As it is well known the school can’t operate without desks, chairs, chalkboards, closets and similar equipment. It so happened that in school where Brian’s daughter attends, during summer break the decision was made to exchange whole equipment to a brand new. Brian arranged so that the whole ’old’ equipment (as seen from the photos - in quite good shape) the school from The Netherlands donated to the school in Nankando. The employees of the Wegdam company with help of students 20.09 and 25.09.2019 packed the equipment to the shipping container. At Brian’s expense those containers are on the ship on their way to Ghana, and then those equipment will be delivered to Nankando. 

The involvement of other people from Europe in helping children from Ghana is a great joy to us. We thank Brian for his personal commitment and work as well as his employees and students who helped with the loadings. We hope that it won’t be our last common project. Greetings to all of you!

05 August 2019 r.

Financing of the sanitary unit

Salesians from Ghana have approached AWRA Foundation asking for help with building a sanitary unit next to the school in Nankando. The project of the school didn’t provide for equipping the building with toilets. These are going to be build nearby in the near future. On 5th of August 2019 AWRA Foundation has transferred 7.000 euro, which is a full amount needed to execute this project. This whole investment is supposed to be finished within next couple of weeks. 

29 May 2019 r.

Windows and doors are installed

In the school building metal windows and doors have been installed. It is in Ghana a typical material from which those parts of building equipment in public buildings are being made. The only thing left is to paint the school. 

It is almost sure that this task will be completed in autumn, right before the great opening of the school. 

26 April 2019 r.

The building has a roof

W have received new photos documenting progress of finishing off the school building. The roof has been covered. It can be seen that the construction is coming to an end and the day, when the school will start being used by the local children is approaching quickly.
 We are also uploading a picture od the Chief of the village with dedication to us. 

22 April 2019 r.

The roof truss has been installed

Another stage of the construction is done. The roof truss has been installed. As one can see on the pictures it is made out of metal lattice to which wooden pieces are connected. We are waiting for roof coating. 

27 March 2019 r.

It is time for . . . plastering

The rain season has let up, and now the ground with road to the village has drained. Because of that it was possible to transport the construction materials to Nankando. The time has come for another tasks. This time it is plastering the interior walls of the building. The gentlemen in the rays of the sun and by the sweat of one’s brow are handling this task. The only question is what are the kids thinking about this?

22 November 2018 r.

Soon the construction will be continued

 There is only one way to reach Nankando. It is a sandy road only accessible by an off-road vehicle. Unfortunately it is only possible during the dry period, because during rain season rough terrain changes into a river. During this time the village is almost cut off from the world. 

    It is because of the rain season that during last few months the construction of the school couldn’t be continued. Currently we are impatiently waiting for the road to drain and for the construction to be continued. 

10 July 2018 r.

The next stage of the construction

We have received some more photo which show that the construction of the walls in building shells has ended. Material for construction of the roof as well as roofing sheets have been bought. Those materials have to be now transported a few hundred kilometers north from Tema to Nankando. 

04 June 2018 r.

The walls are done

The construction of the walls has come to an end. We have received photos of formwork. The building takes on imposing shapes. 

14 May 2018 r.

The walls are growing

Today we have received another photo from Nankando. Speed of the construction is impressing as school walls are visible now. We are very thankful for the support of our donators and as soon as we receive pictures we are showing them so anyone can see their ”brick” in this project. 

10 April 2018 r.

The construction of foundations is nearly completed

We have received photos showing that the first stage of school construction is coming to an end. The walls have came out of the ground and you can see what area the building will cover.

27 March 2018 r.

Construction works are becoming faster

We have received another portion of photos showing how the work is going on constructing the foundations of the school. You can also look at these photos from the practical side and admire using what simple methods this building is created.

19 March 2018 r.

The construction of the school has started

It is with a grat pleasure and joy we can present the photos we receied today from Ghana, Nankando. We can see what is currently being constructed. It is the proof that the construton has commenced. We hope that these pictures will encurage the breeders to support this noble goal.

09 February 2018 r.

Blessing of the land.

Today father Krzysztof Niźniak met with residents of Nankando, where the school is about to be build. During the meeting creators of the project and future construction managers came forth with a project of the school. Father Krzysztof and Tatale parish priest - father Iwan Stojanowicz blessed the ground where the school is going to be. This land is already cleaned and prepared by the residents of the village. They have collected rocks and gathered part of needed sand which will be used to make the bricks. It is important to finish this task early as underpinnings and pillars of the school are supposed to be done by the beginning of the rain season. Shown pictures are presenting the place where the school is going to be but also make it easier to imagine what are living conditions out there. 

08 January 2018 r.

Signing te agreement

    On 4th of January 2018 an agreement was singed between AWRA Foundation based in Ostrów Wielkopolski and Salesians of Don Bosco West Africa Province, based in Ghana Republic, the city of Tema. By means of agreement AWRA Foundation will finance construction of a primary school in district of Tatale, northern Ghana, in a village Nankando. 

    The Foundation will cover all of the costs of the construction which is going to be around 82.000 euro. At the time of signing the agreement AWRA Foundation has 30% of this amount. Payments for construction will be made in 4 parts. The first payment of 25.000 euro has already been transferred to an account of Salesians - right after the signing. 

    The school is going to have 6 classrooms and 4 toilets, and total usable area is going to be not smaller than 820,8 square meters. Salesians of Don Bosco committed to building a school like that, allocating the whole amount donated by the Foundation. Investment is going to be implemented successively according to the northern Ghana standards starting in January of 2018. Planned date of finishing the project is April 2019. The school building after the implementation fo investments will be the property  of Salesian’s according to Ghana’s law. After the opening of the school it should be free to attend and accessible to local residents. Salesians of Don Bosco in cooperation with government’s agenda are committing to provide a staff with a right background to manage this establishment and to conduct a lessons for children and youth. 

05 January 2018 r.

Current learning conditions

Those are currently the conditions in which children learn in the city where the primary school is to be built from funds donated by the AWRA Foundation.

30 October 2017 r.

Preparing the documentation

The AWRA Foundation together with the Province of the Salesians in Ghana are currently developing a legal formula for an agreement defining the conditions under which the school construction project will be implemented. The agreement is to clarify in detail all aspects of cooperation during and after the project. The expected date of signing the agreement is 08 - 10/11/2017.