Our goals

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Learn the goals of our Foundation

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AWRA dla mieszkańców Afryki

The Foundation supports local communities in Africa - mainly in Ghana, on the far peripheries of this country. Our help is directed to places where there is currently no infrastructure for the education of children and youth. The Founders are convinced that investing in education and upbringing will accelerate the development of this country, thus minimizing migratory pressure.

AWRA for employees

Half of the employees of our plant are foreigners - mainly citizens of Ukraine. Many of them became permanently associated with our factory. They moved to Poland, they live here, they send their children to Polish schools and earn their living. They sometimes have adaptive problems in the Polish environment. Our Foundation is here to support them in overcoming adaptation difficulties.

AWRA for those in need in Poland

We want to help people who are in a particularly difficult financial and life situation. In the first place our support will be given to people who are associated with our company, for example, breeders or their employees affected by misfortune.